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An era ends. Another begins.

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Eight years ago, I was:

-living in San Diego, barely into my thirties and full of optimism.

-an avid reader of foreign policy-related books and mildly familiar with a terrorist leader named Osama bin Laden

-mocking the terrorists who tried to blow up the World Trade Center using a van packed with explosives

-confident in my career choice

-confident in the infrastructure/foundation of our financial markets, if not our economy

-completely ignorant of the fact that I would be paying $4 a gallon for gas in my lifetime

-just a couple years into my marriage with my lovely wife

-still embarrassing my wife on the dance floor at weddings

-unaware that having a dog could make life so much more worth living

-ignorant of the wonderful, warm feeling of dog poo felt through the thin barrier of a plastic bag

-very, very mildly hopeful that one day I could be a millionaire, or at least considered wealthy

-not very confident that America was open minded enough to elect an African-American President

-hopeful that Al Gore would become a giant within the Democratic Party

-totally unfamiliar with the fact that an election and inauguration could actually dominate the country’s collective conscious

-completely unaware that steroids had soiled our national pastime to such a ridiculous degree

-confident that the Yankees would have won at least three more World Series

-pessimistic that the Giants would ever win another Super Bowl

-still able to¬† run a mile in a time that began with the number ‘6’ without feeling the onset symptoms of a heart attack

-completely unfamiliar with shin splints or plantar faciitis

-not very selective when it came to my running shoes

-smoking way too much pot

-still confident I could lose weight fairly quickly and easily

-not yet a member of iPod nation

-the owner of a digital music library that probably had twenty songs or fewer

-still watching movies on VHS

-not yet hopelessly addicted to the internet

-not yet a person who had made an online purchase

I hope that in eight years I’m again marvelling at how much things have changed. Of course, I do hope it will be for the better instead of the worse.


Written by the bee dub

January 20, 2009 at 9:16 pm

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