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NFL Week 8 Menu: I Punted (Pork Tenderloin)

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It was a hectic weekend here at Hermit HQ.

My sister came for a visit on Friday and naturally, she flew in on one of the very rare days we had rain. In fact, the whole town was totally fogged in so her flight was pretty delayed. Then my wife flew back into town on Saturday. All in all it was a great time even though we had to eat vegetarian for my sister the whole weekend. We took her back to the airport to fly back to NY Sunday morning.

Because of all this, I didn’t really have time to put much thought into a big Sunday night meal like I normally do. So I threw a couple of pork tenderloins into some marinade and grilled those up during the Giants – Steelers game. We’ll probably get at least two meals out of it.

I use a marinade called Stubb’s. Actually, I use their marinades a lot. They have a different one for chicken, beef and pork. What’s weird is the label is pretty misleading. All the marinades have a very strong Asian flavor but the label looks like it’s some down-home, country-inspired marinade.

I’ve learned it’s key to spray down the grill with some cooking spray before cooking because this pork is really lean. But they don’t take long. The only real danger is leaving them on too long and letting them get really dry.

Next time I need to come up with some kind of sauce for the pork. It was a little plain on its own. It all works out though because the Giants won a tough game on the road, though they didn’t necessarily deserve to, and I’m looking for a likely fantasy victory tonight. Next weekend I’ll get back into the normal routine of a bigger, more ambitious meal to go with football.


Written by the bee dub

October 27, 2008 at 7:25 am

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