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My computer went dead on Thursday and it really opened my eyes to the embarrasing fact that I’m completely lost without it.

I never intended for this to happen but I pretty much do everything with my computer now. The computer and the internet are the biggest enablers for hermit-like behavior. They really minimize any need to leave the house.

It’s really dulled my enthusiasm for a lot of things, including blogging. I don’t have the usual software I use to get my photos ready for the web or pretty much any other thing I like to do for that matter.

About a month ago I bought Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and have gotten completely hooked. My hands are almost shaking from not being able to play.

On top of all this, I’ve had huge problems arranging for a repair. All my previous repairs have gone without a hitch but this time, different story. Basically, Apple will overnight you a box that you then use to overnight it back to them. They usually receive it, repair it and then overnight it back to you all on the same day. So the whole process usually takes four business days. Only DHL apparently lost the box they sent me which has brought the whole process to a halt.

In fact, DHL has given me a different story every time I’ve called and though it seems like they’re trying, I’ve sort of lost faith in the situation. Basically it sounds like the label on the box that was sent to me came off and they found the label stuck to some random package but have no idea where the box is. This has added several days to my computer downtime.

Today I sent it in to a local Apple authorized repair center instead. Looks like they’ll be able to turn the thing around fairly quickly. Hope so. I really don’t feel like myself without my computer. Not exactly something I’m proud of, yet I’m big enough to admit it.


Written by the bee dub

October 27, 2008 at 7:16 pm

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