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Hermit Cinema: Tropic Thunder

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I heard a lot of hype from other folks about this movie and for the most part, it delivers.

Steve Coogan, who disappears from this movie all too quickly, plays a young director in over his head while making a war epic. Jack Black is one of his actors, hooked on drugs,  trying to play against his usual role in silly fart-joke movies. Ben Stiller is also an actor trying to play against his typical roles, but frankly, Ben Stiller is starting to always play the same character to me. This role isn’t all that different from Zoolander or  Dodgeball if you ask me.

The best parts of this movie are Robert Downey Jr. and Tom Cruise. They absolutely steal the show. Downey plays an Australian actor known for his extreme commitment, and undergoes a controversial plastic surgery procedure to make him look African American. He never breaks from his ‘character’ and his over-the-top portrayal of a man trying to be black are simply hilarious.

Cruise, wearing a body suit and plenty of makeup, plays an über-powerful, self-absorbed agent. He isn’t in too many scenes but he’s hilarious, just hilarious, even while simply dancing to the closing credits.

Basically the whole cast goes into the jungle to make the film more verité and things descend quickly pretty much the moment they get off the helicopter. I think some of the movie drifts a bit but it’s worth it just to watch Robert Downey Jr. I’d put this among some of his best roles (along with Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Wonder Boys and Iron Man).

For me this movie get a B.

Written by the bee dub

February 5, 2009 at 1:55 pm

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