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LOST: Plain and simple

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To put it bluntly and somewhat mildly, the show just pretty much sucks now. The plot twists they’re using just aren’t interesting anymore. So some people got sucked off the plane into the past? Others are still in the present? Jack’s dad is alive and well. Benjamin Linus has brought Sayeed a sandwich while still a child. Kate, Jack and Hurley are going to pretend to be new recruits and join Dharma?

Who gives a fuck?! I’ll be tracking the episodes just because I still want to know what happens. I need the final answers about the island and whatnot. But if I wasn’t so invested from watching EVERY SINGLE EPISODE up to this point, I would clearly be walking away. Too bad, this show was really something for a while.


Written by the bee dub

March 19, 2009 at 2:52 pm

Posted in TV Thoughts

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