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I spent most of last week at our biggest client for work. Came back on Friday and am heading straight back up on Monday. For some reason I’ve never been able to sleep well in hotels so traveling like this always leaves me a bit drained. It rained all weekend at home so it was a perfect time to just chill and relax on the couch before heading back out on the road. Life’s pretty uneventful up around where our client is. The Hampton Inn is the best hotel in town, there’s one really good restaurant and then a bunch of chain-type or family-owned places.

One pleasant surprise…I had the very best pizza I’ve ever had in the South. I’m a pizza snob and definitely prefer thin-crust, NY-style pizza. So we’re in Salisbury, NC, a small town about forty miles north of Charlotte, and we try out this place called the Salty Caper. Whoa. Fucking awesome. Perfectly dry yet chewy crust and perfect balance of sauce and cheese. I chatted up the owner about it and turns out they make their crust in NY and then have it trucked down. That makes a lot of sense as the NY water is the secret to their pizza and bagels and is the sole reason neither of those taste the same anywhere else. They also had Fat Tire Ale which I’ve never found anywhere east of the Mississippi. I could eat there every night we’re there, which is a lot, and be happy.


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March 15, 2009 at 2:51 pm

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