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Burn Notice: This season flew by

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I didn’t realize they were only doing a half season. It sure flew by quickly. This show has become my favorite guilty pleasure on TV. There’s not much substance to it. It’s highly stylized candy with sprinkles on top, served on a doily.

The season finale was remarkable in a number of ways. It was one of the best episodes. (A couple of them from this half-season were pretty weak, but that’s to be expected from any show.) Michael has Victor, his nemesis, secured and wants answers, only to find out that they’re basically two different operatives who have been put in the same situation. They then join forces and take on Carla.

It was way more explicitly violent than usual. Much like the A-Team of yesteryear, the usual amount of death and injury seems puny compared to the massive amount of gunfire, explosives and general, old-school pounding on fellow human peoples. It also marked a possible end to the overriding/continuing plot line of who burned Michael and why.

To be honest, I wonder if the producers realized it was starting to matter less and less so they’re leaving their options open. Especially considering they really didn’t explain it much, all the sudden you just had John Mahoney playing a mysterious higher-up of who knows what.

It was definitely surprising to see Fiona pick off Carla with a sniper rifle and then see Michael finish off Victor with a shot to the chest, at Victor’s request. After all the nebulous appearances in many different episodes, I was sorry to see him go.

This episode was really nothing more than more of the same. And sometimes, if that’s all you really ask from this show then my bet is you’re going to be happy for at least another season.


Written by the bee dub

March 7, 2009 at 2:52 pm

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