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There wasn’t a whole lot of new stuff here. If you’re at all familiar with the story, myth or biography of Hunter S. Thompson, there isn’t really anything groundbreaking here.

It is however, a nicely done documentary that like many good documentaries, leaves you wanting to immerse yourself in the subject’s material when you’re done watching. The real find here, for me, was the Jiimmy Carter speech that Hunter gets on a tape recorder. In it, Carter is giving a speech to the Georgia Bar Association, or something similar, and blasts them for being part of the status quo machine that resists changes for good.

Other than that, this is an easily absorbed story about the man, the myth and the legend. Sadly, the footage of Thompson at the end of his life is a real revelation. He hardly looks like the same person. He seems to go from an aging Hunter S. Thompson to some sort of character wearing a bad, inaccurate, poorly reproduced Hunter S. Thompson costume overnight. A sad end to a man who left a lasting car-crash of an imprint on the American psyche.

I’d give this documentary a B minus. It’s easy to watch but doesn’t really open your eyes to much you didn’t already know.


Written by the bee dub

January 26, 2009 at 2:54 pm

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