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The 2008 NFL Season – All good things must end

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This is the first weekend of the season without any football and it flat out sucks.

Next weekend is the big finale and it’s really rarely much of one to be honest. I’d say one out of every four Super Bowls is a competitive game at all. The rest are blowouts. Plus you end up having to talk about football with a bunch of one-game fans. People who will not have watched any games but the Super Bowl and then make comments like, “I just don’t think the (fill in the team here) are a very good team.” Yeah, thanks buddy. Go back home and listen to some Coldplay.

Anyway at least there’s football next weekend, even in its over-hyped, likely-to-disappoint form. This weekend was a weekend without purpose, like a compass without a true North.

After the Super Bowl, the draft cannot come soon enough…


Written by the bee dub

January 25, 2009 at 7:33 pm

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