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Okay, got all the re-installs done and have slowly put everything back onto my computer. Took me about a day and three quarters, with breaks in-between to deal with other stuff. Tested out everything I could think of and it all works perfectly. The internet/firewall problems I was having are all gone.

I have to say that it’s nice to have my computer back, especially heading into the weekend. One thing I realized is that I think my graphics chip must have been bad.

They did a recall on my model of MacBook Pro because some of the graphic chips weren’t working right but I never thought I had any problems. About a day before the whole thing crashed out, I did notice that the game I like to play was playing very, very strangely. It was stuttering and not working well. The game is also probably the most graphics-intensive thing I do. The next day I tried to boot my computer but all I got was a dark screen.

I suspect that the chip was bad from the beginning because with the new chip in there, the game plays so much better. Everything is much faster and smoother. So that’s a big plus to come out of all this.

Now I can go back to bunker mode this weekend and depend on my computer to connect me to the outside world. Sadly, this will be a return to normalcy and I’m looking forward to it.


Written by the bee dub

October 31, 2008 at 1:29 pm

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